Cheap Bathroom Decor

Living in a rental has always apposed some decor issues. In the past, our prior rental I used good old Rubber Cement and a Mickey Mouse wall paper boarder. YES, rubber cement. The benefits of rubber cement are numerous. I still have the wall paper boarder, and have reused it in other places. A few times. It’s been very beneficial on the wallet, even though I spent less than $2 on the boarder it’s self.

This time, because I have yet to find a boarder that I like and that will work. I had picked up some cut-out’s from my local Dollar Tree with a underwater tropical theme to them. There is a a whale, dolphin, sea turtle, and some fish. There was also these beautiful plastic (yuck! which means rubber cement would not work this time.) wall decor or door cover thing. Well with some thinking, and equipped with a big old cheap tube of tooth paste. That’s right, tooth paste. I used to adhered them to the bathroom wall. To mimic a wall mural, but for cheap and no risk of having to repaint on move out, or when sick of looking at this fish decor.

Now although like I said I still do not have a boarder that I have found, I have been thinking about using some of that thick strips of wall tape or some washi tape. Will be sure to keep you updated on it  😉

The natural static that came from opening the plastic sheets helped in making attaching it to the wall so much simpler. Now, a perfection-nist would of done far better than I did. But to tell you the truth, the battle over my lil doing potty training much better at daycare vs at home. Was the pure fuel behind this project. That hoping to make the bathroom more inviting and friendly to her and her likes. I hope will have a response back of using the potty more. We will see.

Sorry poor photo’s, wpid-img_20141005_070046_919.jpgwpid-img_20141005_070039_879.jpgwpid-img_20141004_115733_500.jpgwpid-img_20141004_115728_422.jpgwpid-img_20141005_070036_449.jpg


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