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Leaf Painting

leaf4With the fall leaves falling all around. I took my lil across the street the other day, to pick some leafs out for a couple of projects. As well as to allow for the ever popular with kids running and jumping into a pile of leafs. Or just throwing them up in the air so they fall.

Again, the simple things truly are a blessing. Stop and think for a moment, when was the last time you did either of those two things? Yet how many times a day do you drive by on your way home or to some where pass a million leafs that have fallen on the ground. I know having to clean them out of your yard isnt fun. And a chore but if you are fortunate to have a lil ask them to help. You’d be amazed at the fun this can be for a little one.

So some energy burnt off and loaded with some leafs we headed back. Why we used some for Glitter Leafs, we also used most for painting.

° Leafs all sizes and shapes
° Paint
° Sponge Paint Brush
° Paper (i just cut some off our roll of craft/art paper.)

Pour some paint into a container, and let your lil figure out the rest. I painted a little of my own enough to get my lil’s creative juice flowing. Than backed off.



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