DIY Simple Sail Boats


These are so simple to make. Really! Fun in the bath, in sensory bins, kiddy pools, and more.

• pool noodle cut into 1/2″ (or +) rounds
• straws (bendable part cut off)
• foam sheet cut into square
• scotch tape

1. Cut pool noodle into rounds at least 1/2 inch thick
2. Cut the bendable part of straw off
3. Cut a square out of a foam sheet
4. Make a whole in one corner of the foam sheet square [we used a whole punch]
5. Make another whole in the corner directly below the first
6. Stick the straw into the round [we found cutting the straw to a tip helps this]
7. Place the end of the straw not sticking into the pool noodle through the wholes you made in the cut foam square
8. Apply scotch tape to straw to hold foam square in place if need be.

Enjoy! Loved if not favourite bath toy we have had and have.


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