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Tissue Paper Wall Art

After doing Fall Window Leafs the other day, lil seems to have an interest in tissue paper.

I sat down and thought about it some. Tissue Paper…  well lets look at it, it rips easier than other papers, sort of see through, crumples smoother than other paper and than when you un-crumple it is softer. It’s softer in general than most typical papers. It’s less dens than others and when mosture is added its darn near translucent with a color tint. Not to mention once dry again, [especially when cold water is used] very minimal loss of color and no water marks as other papers have.

Alright so I can understand the current excitement and interest in tissue paper. By this time it was lils bed time and as I laid there next to her acting as though I was watching Pingu (lil’s favorite bed time show) I noticed how bare the walls really were. I jumped up remembering a few left over blank 5×7 canvases from her birthday that I had put up.

As I dug them out, lil became less interested in Pingu and more into what was I going to do. I noticed this and quickly took two canvases out, setting them in the kitchen and returning to Pingu and lil. It would only be a lie if I said I laid there and soon aftet lil was asleep I feel asleep.

We have all been here, a bright idea and the rush to give it a try and figure it out. I was restless a little and the ideas of things just flowed in my head that I was relieved to see only a few minutes later lil had fallen asleep. I leaped to my feet and headed to the drawing board. Better known as my kitchen or bathroom counters. Depending on if lil’s awake and interested in what I am doing or not. Previous projects, as well as I am sure some to come, work better and smoother when tested or done before.


And a 5×7 canvas. We used the hard type canvases. The ones you typically use with oil pastels. 

Allowing your lil to cover the canvas with glue.

I had previously cut squares and longer strips of tissue paper in multiple colors. [I picked colors that matched the room decor.]
Lil than placed the tissue paper in any way she desired onto the canvas. I urged her to try over lapping peices. With a 3 year old however this can be diffcult. Lil is a “her way or the highway” attitude about anything she does or is making.


Never the less, once she is was finished I took a spray bottle filled with cold water. I took the canvas she had now covered in tissue paper and sprayed it down.

Taking time to allow her to notice and see how each peice of tissue papper absorbed the water, and changed in color. First going more of a dark viberant color than dulling out as more paper below began to absorb the water. I had to remind her that she had first glued the canvas and so the peices were stuck. The instant change of color in the paper made her little hands shoot up and grab for the tissue paper wanting to examine them closer with hands on exploration for use of a fun word 🙂

(A good idea would be to allow lil time to play with tissue paper and some cold and warm water in two shallow dishes, and maybe the bedroom window or the other side of the sliding door. *Future Thing To Do*)

We than set the canvases up to dry.


After it had completely dried, I watered down a small amount of white school glue. Useing it as a cover glaze I applied a coat over the canvas lil made. Soon to hang on her bedroom wall.


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