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Turff dough

Let me first explain this was suppose to be Dirt Dough. How ever we only had a box of food colors in the typical, red, blue, yellow, and green. {Hope to some day be able to get liquid water colors.}

So instead of Dirt we have Turff dough. Some other ideas that would be really good to do would be miniature foot ball or soccer. You could than tie in some letters or numbers. Make the obstacles (moving on the field) about beginning word sounds. Th, ev, at, s’s, etc. Or math. Just a couple of ideas.

So you will need;
• Baking Soda
• Food Colors
• Water (cool temp not cold)

1.) Empty the contents of 1 small (16oz) box of baking soda into your [Sensory] bin.
2.) Empty 1/2 to 3/4 of each bottle of red and green food colors into a cup of water.
3.) Add 2-3 drops of blue food color & mix.
4.) Pour the colored water SLOWLY into the baking soda.

if your mixture is moist add more baking soda until desired texture.

This being our first attempt at this I learned black food color is a must [especially when trying to make dirt]. That some times following the recipe exactly is out of the question when your lil is in charge of mixing.

Which leads me to ours was extremely damp and with lil refusing to allow anything stand in the way of her playing with it. Instantly as the last few grains of baking soda became colored, that little hand of hers reminded me of a swimmer jumping off the high dive plunging into the water. I could not help but laugh.

Success! This was the FIRST messy, sensory bin that was wet dough-ish gooey that she dove right into. With out complaining and refusing to touch. In fact it was opposite. She was and still is playing with it. Now 3 or 4 days latter. wpid-img_20141111_164711_452.jpgcleanupI used an old shower curtain and taped it to our livingroom-ish floor. Than placed Lil’s table on top and with a bin containing warm soapy water. Allowed her to than wash her animals she had used to play with in the Turf Dough.  I think she played equally as along with this clean up station I created as she did with the dough its self.


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