Arts & Crafts

Paint’n w/ Nature


Where we live had this crazy wind storm last week. You can still see the affests of it all around. Huge trees were uprooted and blew over. (To better set the setting)

So Lil equipped with J* a disagreement between them seemed to be the fast end of play between them. With the cold weather and daylight savings thing. Schedules just haven’t been in Lil’s favor.

So I grabbed some paint and paper with the hopes of being able to use it as a peace offering. 🙂 It worked!

Not wanting to have to clean a bunch of brushes, seeing all the brances around. I just did a little addition and Paint’n w/ Nature was developed.


Sorry for poor photos.




* J is a regular playmate that Lil plays with. It only seems fiting to acknowledge this without breaking any laws.



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