Painting with Apples

The day before we did Painting With Nature we had attempted painting with apples.


I cant begin to explain to you the stress on attempt. Lil has had a real liking of apples this past month or so. Due to health reasons I hadn’t typically even thought about buying any when atthe store. So finally I got one of them big bags at the grocery store.
I have attempted apples with peanut butter to dip in, carmel to dip in, home made applesauce, none of them will Lil eat. Only abput half the time will she eat it if you cut it. So as the apples were starting to not look so good. Although I am sure Lil’s climbing up and sneaking apples off the counter to use as a ball has not helped.

Either way, valuable lesson I learned it is best to attempt painting or other projects until the intrest is more over. Because as she  was painting she was eating the tops of the apples that had no paint on them. LOL ….. The things kids do.




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