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Pretend Play Felt Band Aids

First I want to advise, making sure you can either sew [which I can not] or having some fabric glue (not the iron on stuff) other wise you will have some slightly burnt fingers as I did by the time all is said and done.

bandaid1 Supplies;

  • 3 colors of felt (I purchased a package of multi color felt rectangles from my local Dollar Tree store.)
  • Self Adhesive Velcro Strips (also purchased at Dollar Tree.)
  •  Fabric glue [not hot glue or you will burn your fingers as I did]

I took one color and cut the main shape of a band aid, than doubled them up to make them thicker and stronger against a 3 year old.

Than using a contrasting lighter color or white  I cut a large rectangle for the sticky side of the band aid. Using fabric glue attach to the main band aid.

bandaid2Than taking my Velcro stripes I cut two strips of equal size but slightly smaller than the rectangle I just glued on. I let about an 1/8 cm around. I than taking your fabric glue attach the Velcro right on top o the lighter rectangle piece.

I than used my third color of felt and cut little heart shapes to attach to the front of the band aid as a design.

Pretty simple and truly can be made for under $5 you can make 5+ of them and in different sizes. The Velcro allows for them to stick to her stuffed dolls, and pulled off and stuck to another doll many times.  Truly very simple and great addition to any pretend play set.



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