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Some of the 2014 Holiday stuff.

Around here it seems that since the start of the 2014 Holidays it’s been one thing after another. You all can relate I am sure. If I wasn’t sick than my lil was, and if she wasn’t than I was so sick… you know the very high temperature and just the hurt all over don’t / can’t move sick. So it’s been a ruff past holiday season.

All that aside, I still did my best to squeeze in a couple of projects.  Along with free printable downloads, [I hate to admit it] a large amount of TV time, which I am really against. And some good old fashion just mommy and lil play time with lil’s toys.

Free Printable Resources…

So first I want to give some links to some free printable things that have been huge saviors. (I like to keep a few always on hand actually on our bar for easy access.)

I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this site and the wonderfully great printable that are available on it. Some of my lils favorites are pre-writing practice solid lines, Pre-writing Dot Maker, and so many more!
* For the Pretend Play Vet – After printing this, I made extra copies of the pages with the x-ray and the patient exam page. I than glued them back to back followed by placing them into plastic sheet protector sleeves, you can pick them up at walmart or local office supply store. I than took one o each page and glued one to each side of an old clip board. I than made felt band-aids …. FYI a few burnt fingers latter, she loves playing with them. vetclip1 vetclip2Photos are of each side of the clip board.
* Pretend Play Doctor – I did similar only placing them into sheet protectors.

 Craft Projects From 2014 Holidays


More To Come…



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