Learning & Family

Large Elephant Tooth Paste

After a semi flop of Mentos™ and soda. A quick rinse of the 2 litter diet coke soda bottle, removal of the label, and we were set.

After digging out 2 packages of yeast. I poured 1 and half packages of yeast into a small plastic cup. I than added about half a cup of warm water. Taking a spoon I mixed the water and yeast until the yeast had dissolved. Taking a plastic funnel, I placed it in the top of the cleaned out 2 litter soda bottle. Pour the water and yeast mixture into the funnel.

{Here is where I really changed the supplies and amount from the original Elephant Tooth Paste.}

* most in part due to, completely doing this spur of the moment. And no money….

I took a 3/4 to 1/2 filled bottle of Clairol Professional Pure White Cream Developer 30volume  and than added 2oz of Sally’s Beauty Clear Developer 30volume.  Than ….


The girls were thrilled with it.


Playing in it, drawing in it, and finally pretending to Anna & Elsa [from Disney ‘s Frozen movie] by taking handfuls of the foam, turning in a circle and than flinging / throwing it ad though it was the cold snow and ice Elsa did in the movie. All while singing ‘Let It Go’.




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