Mentos™ and Soda (x2)

After my G, has had two semi failed attempts with the whole mentos™ & coke or diet coke.

I first should of looked it up on youtuwbe.com or something. It has been years since Ii had even heard this mentioned let alone never did it. So I jumped in feet first basing it on what G said. Only what he said.
A quick trip to 7-11 and we had our supplies. The first try I had refused to get diet coke for the simple fact, if even able to drink after we do not drink diet. Set up out in the parking lot, I figured we had lucked out. This would be very simple with a huge reaction. Ha!


Thinking back I really should of looked this up more. A big reaction, well isn’t what we had. As memory served me, there should of been a far more explosive something. Which we just did not get. Trying to have good out we made the best of it.

So a few weeks later with another trip to 7-11, and this time a 2 litter of diet coke. We once again set up out in the parking lot. I dont know how anyone is suppose to put an entire roll of mentos™ into the soda as G instructed. It is just impossible.

While we did get a larger initial fountain eruption. Trying to get the mentos™ in and staying in. Well is a whole different thing. This led to Large Scale Elephant Tooth Paste.


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