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Valentines Moon Sand

In a gusto of Valentines day pre enjoyment. I wanted to do something for my lil that was special.


I thought about it, moon sand. We haven’t done it for a long time. So she would surely enjoy it. Some how I had to turn this batch of moon sand red. I hadn’t had much luck in the past with making any batch a color other than white. The color the flour comes.

Every where I looked said to use powder tempra paint. I don’t know about you, but that is just not something I have stocked or put up in a cupboards or closet. So not about to let that stop me I looked up how to DIY Powder Temp Paint.
• chalk (I used sidewalk chalk purchased from local Dollar Tree™)
• hammer
• Ziplock bag
• Flour
• Oil (vegetable)



1.) Take at least 4 sticks of sidewalk chalk of the same color. Place them inside the ziplock bag.
2.) Close the ziplock bag.
3.) Taking a hammer smash the chalk to a powder.


That’s it. So simple and easy.

Than go check out our Moonsand recipes.




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