MLP Rewards Tokens


For those who dont already know MLP is the acronym or abbreviation for My Little Pony.

What can I say, 20+ years and the MLP have been revived. In fact as a child I did not know every name of the MLP, but now … Pinky Pie, Shutterfly, Apple Jack, Raritey, Rainbow dash, etc.

Spent a few minutes looking up some MLP graphics. What I found to appeared to be the best option were cupcake toppers. I had never even knew the things had a name, let alone even had the thought of printing something to put on cupcakes. Never the less, she loves them. I will admit they work about as well as can be with her attitude and my attitude. So simply put some days they dont work and others they do.

So instructions;

1.) Follow these links & print them. MLP Tokens 1
MLP Tokens 2
MLP Tokens 3

(Because we are very low income, I had to print at our local library. So if you are able to print at home make sure to print them on a thicker card stock type weight.)

2.) Now because had to print on plain paper, i cut out each topper and glued it to left over paint chips.

3.) Once paint chips were dry, I than cut them out.



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