Learning & Family

Afternoon Playing With Dirt

image This afternoon while waiting for someone to come buy an item that had for sale on our local Craigslist, lil was being a typical three year old and nagging at mommy to entertain her. Mommy’s lack of not wanting to play what she did, sent my wheels turning and as I quickly scanned the area around us, I noticed our large sensory bin propped up in the corner of the deck. Still a little dirty from the quick sand. I turned and caught a hot pink beach bucket poking out the top of our outdoor toy bin. Equipped with an empty large sensory bin, a beach bucket, and a little shovel we set off. Well to the next apartment building across the street. Where during a storm this past winter two large trees had been uprooted and knocked down. Now all that remains is a huge sand and dirt mixture filled hole.  Ever so perfect to go and grab a bucket full. image We returned back to our porch and I dumped the dirt into the large sensory bin. Sent my lil inside to get her tractors and dump truck cars. * i purchased these at our local Dollar Tree™… and let lil get her play on.  After a couple minutes the nagging returned. “Come play now!” image Standing up, I grabbed the bucket and lils hand. We walked a few feet and at the bottom of a group of trees lay several different types of pine cones. Lil grabbed several and tossed them in the bucket. Some little  sticks and some little pieces of trees. We headed back. image



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