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Chalk Trace Me’s


This is a fun thing that the older my lil gets the more interested in doing. [I also keep coming up with different ways to use it.[

So why this time we did outside and used chalk on the concrete. I will at the end included different ways of doing this.

Have the child lay down on the surface, or canvas of your choice. Using your pencil; chalk, crayon, pen, marker, etc. Trace around the childs entire body.

Once finished help the child stand up to see the life size ‘you’.

Versions & Uses
1.) Learning and recognizing body parts.
– use ladles to identify the parts of the body  Or to point out clothing.

Recently, the increased noticing of boys pee different than her. Has made me want to use this as a way to discuss ‘privates’. As well as the increased common behavior to lash out in ways like throwing or hitting when they are not getting their way. Has brought to mind a demo of pointing to not olay to hit anyone or to be hit by anyone another child or adult. Versus for example, getting spanked for a behavior issue. {Personally I think spanking is a swat to the butt. That does not leave a mark or bruise on the skin for more than 5 mins. }

* If skin on skin make contact in a swift fast motion, it’s almost guaranteed to leave some redness. From when impact is made on the skin the blood vessels below are shaken/activated and turn red. When some area is white, it means too much force was used and on impact popping or dispersing them. Similar to a hand print. Is my best lame-mans none medical explanation.

2.) We are all different and the same.
• point out things that are the same on both tracings.
• point out the differences, and talk/discuss why it’s different and make sure to reassure your youngster(s) why its a good thing. And point out one thing it allows them to do that you or others cant do.



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