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Ice Ball Bowling


DISCLAIMER:  This post contains the use of a condom as one of the materials.  Please use personal discretion before continuing. Thank you.

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While surfing on Pinterest one evening, I came across Lemon Lime Adventure’s; Ice Bowling with LEGO. As part of joining Toddler Approved LEGO Week. As with most things on Pinterest I pinned it on one of my boards with the intent to return to read more about it at a later date.


However a few hours later I found myself standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what to use to as a ‘ice tray’ in order to have the end results of a ice ball. Some very wet and failed attempts with different balloons. A almost devious light bulb went off in my head. A condom*! After some frantic searching through my couple of drawers, success! I found some. I returned to the kitchen with the condom, opened it and unrolled it. I blew it up and than deflated it. I than filled with water, blew it up some more, added some more water finally tying it off.

Surprised by how much more ‘give’ the condom provides than a typical balloon does. Perfect ball shape, I set it in the freezer.  The next day, I was amazed to see it was solid. I pulled it out of the freezer and ripped the condom right below where I had tied it off at. Prior thinking about the lubrication that comes in them, I was shocked how fast and in one felt swoop the entire ball came out, condom still intact aside from the knot and small rip.

wpid-img_20150611_130626_583.jpgLemon Lime Adventures used a different LEGO than, what we used.  We used our big ‘LEGO’s” which I had purchased at our local Good Will Industries thrift store about 2 years prior.

wpid-img_20150617_194602_970.jpgThis made a huge difference. 75% of the time that my lil bowled the ice ball towards our single Lego tower pins, they just didn’t fall down but they actually exploded before completely hitting the ground,.. This made it much more fun and exciting I think. Judging by the screams and sequels of delight and fun that lil was making, I’d say it was fun.

Lil played with it, until  it literately melted to nothing. Nor did she even allow mommy to have a turn, other than fetching and helping her re-stack the pins 🙂



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