Color Scientists


It’s been rather warm around here,so to switch up from the typical just filling some buckets or tubs with water and let them go crazy. I took advantage of the fact no other kids were around. [Helps keep Lils attention on what we are doing when there arent others around.]

I instructed Lil to put on her Doc McStuffins dress up play doctor coat. Once she had it on, I asked her, “Remember how on the Backyardagins when they are scientists and try to make a grow formula?” *

She thought about it and than said yes. Pointing to her play doctors coat, “And they wore white coats just like this one your wearing correct?” She thought it over and nodded yes. “So for today, this is your scientist coat. And we are going to be scientists,” I told her.

Instantly wanted to know what we were doing. I opened the back door and pointed to the table on our porch saying, “And there is our scientists lab. I am your assistant. Are you ready?”

I had previously filled several different large clear containers all with different amounts of water. Once outside, I handed her a large wooden spoon as I pulled out some bottles of food coloring. I asked Lil to pick out one of the containers of water, and I than scooted it closer to her.

I than had her pick one of then little bottles of food coloring. Her learned response was adding the food coloring to the container. [I think my initial words, I said as I had pulled the food colors out helped her.]  We did this for every container of water.

Once we had colored all our water. Lil watched as she bumped the table and with the water now different colors, she could undoubtedly see what movement the bump caused in the different containers. Versus amounts of water.

I turned and hung up (ok taped up) on the sliding door this;


As she got off the stool to examine what I hung up, I …


Than pulled out a giant bag of crayons, setting them down.

I than asked “pick out one of the coloured waters.”

As soon  as she did, I asked her to find a crayon that matched that color. Than pointing her to the paper I had hung up, instructed her to color the first box.  Once she had coloured the box, I allowed her to pour the colored water into our ‘mixing bin’.


I than had her do it again with a different color, only this time she had to color in the next box [in the equation] … than mix the colors. Having to find a crayon the color of the now mixed two colors. Finally color in the last square [of the equation] …

Finally dumping out the mixed bin. To start with a new non mixed color(s).

* Season 4, Episode 4 of the Backyardagins is one of Lils favorites. That episode they are scientists trying to make a shrink formula.


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