Chalk Framed Masterpieces


I got this great idea from, Cathy at The Nature Store.

Which came in real handy the other evening. I was working on a canvas myself while my lil wanted instead for all my attention to be on her. Because I was  outside working on my canvas, quick thinking led to me grabbing up some chalk and drawing lil her very own special frame aka a canvas in the parking lot.

I than handed her the tub of chalk and asked her to please draw me a beautiful picture inside the square.


Once she began to look foe the right piece of chalk to draw with, I took that as my lead into pointing out that, the square was actually a pretty picture frame. That she had to make a pretty picture to fill it.

She light up with excitement. I truly believe waiting for her lead before pointing out it was a frame made a huge difference. I think had I from the start she would of just blown the whole thing off. Although I know she could see it with her own eyes from the start. 🙂



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