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DIY Sponge Balls


+ Due to all activities we have done to date with these have included many other children than just my own.  Privacy rights and all, this is simply a how to make your own.

× 6 scratch free sponges [at least]…
You want ones like this



Not like this



× ties (suggestions; zip ties, bread wire ties, or rubber hair ties)
× good scissors or exact-o knife

1.) Cut sponge into strips, length [longest] wise.
2.) Repeat with each sponge.
3.) Take a few (minimal of 6-8 strips) multi colors of strips bundle together.
4.) Holding the bundle with the strips all vertical, attach your tie around the sponges in the middle.

I played around with different ways of attaching my bundles of sponge strips. Truly this is one of those you have to play with them to figure out what works best for you. Or end result looks the way you want.

I did not pre-wet sponges before cutting. Still my wire or ties were just never quite as long as I needed.  So allow for ample amount of extra on each tie.
– example; if you measure your tie to fit around each bundle than add 2″ – 3″ extra before cutting. You will have to cut off remainder after tying. But will allow you enough to work with and tie


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