Learning & Family

Refilled Pop Bottle Bowling

After the whole ICE Bowling the other day, I expanded on Lil’s enjoyment of bowling.

Yes! It truly was as simple as taking some empty soda pop bottles out of our recycling bin. Filled each with water, in varying amounts. Added a couple drops of food coloring into each bottle. (You could do colour themes.)


Returning the lids to the bottles and giving them a shake.

{Removing the labels from the bottles makes the appearance better. Allowing the colored water to be seen better. Also adding to the sensory benefits by being able to visually see the colored water moving and splashing around as they fall.}

I had made them earlier and forgot to go back and remove the labels before Lil spotted them.



Still she had a whole lot of fun bowling with them. She ran all over chasing the ball and the pins. Completely in a ‘I will do it’ moods. Wanting me to only stand there and watch. Although a couple times she tried to order me to go get the ball. These few times all being times in which the ball only bounced a couple feet from her. I being on the opposite end of the invisible ‘bowling lane’.



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