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Paper Plate Fish Bowl


This was a quick idea, I had one day. I had quickly seen something similar on pinterest one day quickly skimming looking for something else.

Lil has been really into the Octonaughts. A really cute show on Disney and now Netflix. About the characters live on a submarine based type ship and go around exploring sea life and all the many breathing, eating, living things in the sea. She really is getting to know these animals and remembering the names/species, etc…

So most of what she does is some how sea life related right now. In keeping with that, so have been other things we do. This fish bowl was fun. It had been a while since we had some white school glue [the best for dipping ans gluing. Just ask any pre-k kid.] Plus after having been pretty good that morning at the grocery store. I asked, ” would you like to do something fun with some of those fishy crackers and white glue?”

The look and smile from ear to ear answered that question. Thankfully I had also picked up a small package of paper plates to use for a project.

– Paper plate(s)
– Goldfish crackers [either Cheddar & another type or the multi coloured kind.]
– dyed green noodles
– blue paint
– paint brush or sponge brush
– White school glue

* there are different various ways of doing this. Will add links at end of post.

It also had been a few since Lil had painted in side on a small personal type project. So a little blue paint onto a foam plate and a paint brush. Handed Lil the paper plate and asked her to please paint it blue.

With how a child learns and works one may need to give more instructions like, start painting in the middle. Or something similar.
I than pulled out previously dyed noodles, that I thought actually looked like sea weed. And some different gold fish crackers. For lil to glue them all to the fish bowl.



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