Learning & Family

Paper Plate Ring Toss


Oh so simple yet so difficult. Let me say I had no idea at the start of this how difficult this was for myself. Yet so easy for Lil.

• 3 or 4 paper plates (i suggest getting the thickest kind.)
• paint or markers [even crayons would work]
• Empty Paper towel roll
• A board
• Duck tape
• Scissors

1.) Take your paper plates and turn them upside down.
2.) Paint or color the bottom (which is now facing up) from edge to center.
2.) PART 2 allow to dry if you choose to paint.
3.) Cut the center of the plate out, so that you are left with a ring.
4.) Repeat for each plate. It’s suggested to do each plate a different colour.
5.) Use the duck tape to attach the empty paper towel roll to your board.


Now your ready.



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