Learning & Family

Beading & Counting Strips


Busy Bags are activities that are a solo learning hands on things. Best of all they are quiet, things. Stuff that your little one(s) can do on their own once initial instructions are given.

I had seen various different ways of doing things similar. I even was going to do these different. But well this was the supplies I had. Lil is still having difficulty instigating solo play. Or just out right refuses to.

These beading strips help little ones develop fine motor skills, like hand and eye coordination. I chose the plastic pony beads to use, how ever if you have a kid that is older you could use Perle beads with much larger numbers.

I took rectangle sheets of foam, that I had purchased many months ago at my local Dollar Tree®, into 1 inch strips. Using a standard single hole punch, punched a hole in the top of each strip. I choose to use a plastic string material. Commonly used to make bracelets that you weave multiple strings together to create a design. [Unsure of the technical name of this jewellery.]

I cut the strips of the plastic string a good 2 inches longer than the foam strips. To allow ‘give’ for little hands. If you have ever done some sort of beading or threading with younger kids, than you know how frustrated and frazzled they can get if the beads should come off as they are making it.

I tied one string on each strip of foam. Than using a permanent pen wrote the number on the bottom of each foam strip. Grabbing a couple hand fulls of pony beads and threw the now foam and string strips into a plastic ziplock baggy.


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