Learning & Family

Hand Counting Garland


Before starting any of our counting past 10 things we have been working on and doing. We first made this Hands counting garland to review 1.) Numbers 1-10   2.) To review and use a skill Lil had learned at daycare. Which was how to count using your fingers.

I picked 3 colors of construction paper. I traced my hand and cut 6 hands out of each color. I than used the scraps from cutting the hands out, cut squares.

With each card, I had Lil show me how to count that number using her fingers. I than took the cut out hands and folded down fingers until it look the same as how she was holding her fingers. She than helped me glue the hand(s) onto the card.

Lil than had to count out the same amount of paper squares from the pile I had made. We both than counted as she glued the squares below the hands.  We repeated this for numbers 1-10.

I than took yarn and taped each card on the back with the string.


In fact its still hanging up now in her room.



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