Sharing … in place of no group last week

For the most part I dont blog like this. However, I feel this is the best option at this point for me.

Simply being a DV survivor more than once, combined with life I have adapted a way of feeling “safer mentally”. Talking/thinking out loud. Not only does it help me with my thought process. It simply allows knowledge that others will think,  ‘oh their is someone their she is talking to.’ Thus making myself and child less of a Target. As well as not so alone.

The constant feeling of helplessness against, for the most part, the entire world. A life time of battle after battle, over coming them. Only to have it always thrown back in my face again and again… or continuously having to repeat battles previously won again. Has only left this mom in constant battle every time we leave our home with the world.

My love for myself, and my daughter succeeding in life for us, for us as a family is why I do it.

I want to share this, it is what we are;



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