Halloween Witches Slime


With this years Halloween having falled on a Saturday, my lil was awake early and wanting to go trick-or-treating.

Well at 7am to a 4 year old, I am sure any time seemed good to go. However I had to buy … well a whole day of keeping her occupied. Litteraly while putting some things away in the closet a brand new thing of Elmers white school glue fell.

I stood trying to remember why I put this glue up their. Quickly interrupted by the squiles of my lil in the other room having difficulty with her tablet and YouTube not working.

Yes I am guilty of letting my lil watch youtube. Please see post to come about the pros and cons I have encountered and struggled with. As well as raising a child in a very electronic and internet, social media world. While keeping value and all the other important stuff of growing up.

As I made my way into lil, it dawned on me Slime! Halloween Slime. I had no idea that lil would actually spend the entire day playing with it. No joke.

• 1 School Glue (white or clear)
• 1/2 cup to 1 cup Liquid Starch

Thats it. Simple, for color we used food coloring.

Mix the two ingredients in a bowl, about 30 seconds and you’ll than have to use your hands. You need to continue to mix with your hands for a good 5 minutes at the very least. 






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