Orange Rihno Challange

Note to self to come back and edit when better able too.

The other morning after standing at the bus stop while my daughter threw a fit. All I could think was Lord let us get to daycare because I knew that the simple distraction of it would switch her focus from me and just pushing my buttons to something else. I left with this gut feeling, that although I need to work on my verbal communication and turning it down a lot when it comes to these times, there had to be a way for me to work on this as well as address some of the other issues while not feeling as though I was trying to become someone I am not.


Some research online and I found The Orange Rhino Challenge


More info latter. Day 2 almost, and for myself it has so far allows me that breathing second, to focus and collect my thoughts and composure before proceeding. Valuable time as any parent of young children know. Funny how it reminds me of growing up. Once I became a young adult, my mother did what was called the silently treatment. Which meant her emotions were so much right than, that she flat out would just go silent towards us until she could gather herself and thoughts, and than address the issue. It was during these silentnt times fear would set in. As a juvenile I coped by going to sleep. However as an adult and a parent that’s not even an option.

I am yet again reminded of this simple fact, Life is a matter of balance.  So in this 2 days, I may have raised my voice, but I have not yelled. Now do not get me wrong, it’s so very very early. And like with anything I am sure I am going to struggle. I actually hope too, than I will have that reassurance for my self that this is the correct thing to build those parenting boundaries for myself and for my daughter. As well as I hope build back some personal self confidence.


Hope to be able to post more regular updates on this Orange Rhino Challange.


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