Enough Aggressive Behavior,

I typically don’t do posts like this one. However I am this morning. I am just extremely emotionally drained on all levels. Personal and parental.

Personal life has me working sort of on a bunch of stuff. In turn makes the fact that my child has a growing aggression towards me. This is completely new territory for myself. And very unsure where to begin to address the issue.

Yesterday was mostly a low key day until the evening. My child knew we talked about it all day that we had plans that evening to go some where. When some neighbor kids were hanging around outside where she could see them. And when I wouldn’t allow her outside to play. She instantly attacked me. I picked her up, put her in our room and shut the door. When in time out my child kicks and beats on the bedroom door. Terribly as well as screams all kinds of things. Anything she thinks will get someone’s attention even if its absolutely not true.

understand our apartment is one bedroom and to get to the bathroom you have to go through the bedroom. So amidst her kicking and screaming I opened the door to go to the bathroom. However she had been right behind the door this time. And got the bumped ny the door knob thinking I was just coming in to yell at her for what she was saying.

Than that evening at the aquarium and beach she was, just wow! When we were leaving and in the middle of the cross walk she started yet another fit. When I tried picking her up to move her out of the cross walk. She pulled one of the oh so typical children fit throwing moves of her legs turned to noodles and she trying to lift her up they returned from noodle state to kicking me. Once across the intersection she continued to kick and hit me as well as block the way.

Now this morning I am horrified by seeing my childs at where I had held it trying to pick her up and move her out of the cross walk/intersection. I feel completely awful yet lost not know how to even begin to address this issue of her aggression towards me. While I struggle with that on a personal level being a Domestic violence survivor (x2).

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I think I am going to try and call her old counselor for a referral to one that deals with aggressive behavior in children. I have noticed she gets a little aggressive and bucks up to kids her own age when playing with the neighbors. However not with older kids.

Any books you may know of too would be awesome.


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