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Kidz’n Power; Child Safety Training

Every 40 seconds a child is abducted or goes missing in the United States, according to Karin Bilich. Who wrote Child Abduction Facts for Parents.com. As a parent just the thought of quick 40 seconds is sends child down my back. In the blink of an eye someone can grab my child and be gone. I think about this kind of thing a lot. Yes more than your average parent, however my child is a bit more high risk in this department.

So when I happen to find something like Kidz’n Power; Child Safety Training, I am excited. Not to mention it is completely FREE. What could be better?

latest statistics reporting over 800,000 missing children last year!  That’s an average of more than 2,000 each day.  Time Magazine reports “One in every 42 children will BECOME a missing child!”   On top of that, 1 out of 3 kids will be attacked physically before the age of 18.” Source ATA Northwest website.

So The American Taekwondo Association, Kidz n’ Power  and Karate America in partnership with AMBER Alert (.com) are working together. Their mission is to bring up the awareness on this issue as well as provide the opportunity to children and their parents to raise their knowledge and equip them with some basic skills.

WHEN: OCTOBER 22ND 2016 @ 12:30

WHERE: 1500 SOUTH 336TH ST, #18

Or you can register online, here. Dont forget space is limited.



One thought on “Kidz’n Power; Child Safety Training

  1. “Another Chicken Story: The Stranger Danger,” is a new resource for parents, educators, child safety program officers, or for Vacation Bible School.

    This children’s picture book will open the door to this uncomfortable conversation with a child, in a non-threatening way. A story told in metered rhyme with colorful characters and illustrations, this simple book will afford grownups an opportunity to discuss what children should do if a stranger approaches them and tries to trick them into helping them or into going somewhere with them. It also provides the opportunity to explain to the child what they should do if anyone, even if it’s a friend or someone else they know, tries to get them to do something that they know is wrong or don’t feel comfortable about.

    Much like a fire drill, children everywhere should be equipped with this life saving information – which we all hope they will never need to use.

    Here’s a sampling of what’s in the book…

    “..it looks like a feather, how’d that thing get there?”

    “Well gee I don’t know,’ said the Fox with a glare,

    ‘but maybe if we could go back to my home,

    I could think clearer when we were alone.

    It’s just ‘cross the street, I can make us some tea,

    and there are some things that I want you to see.

    Please come Doogie Duck, come on over for lunch,

    I don’t have many friends and I like you a bunch.”

    “I guess so,’ he said, being put on the spot,

    being pushed to say yes when he knew he should not,

    ‘and while we are there we can take a look see.”

    “Sure thing’ whispered Fox, ‘just as soon as I eat!””



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