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Seattle Housing Voucher Program Op


Good News Please Spread the Word,


Monday, February 6, 2017, SHA will open a lottery for 3,500 places on a new waitlist for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.


Registration for the lottery will be available online only, and will be open from 8 a.m. on February 6, 2017 until 5 p.m. on February 24, 2017, Pacific Time. The waitlist for this program has been closed to new applicants since April 2015. We are expecting a smooth registration period—HCV staff have volunteered to assist walk-in clients and we are hiring temporary staff to answer calls.


Many of you may have questions. Resources to help answer those are available at seattlehousing.org/waitlist.


Please help us reduce fraud by spreading the word that registration is only available at seattlehousing.org/waitlist, not at any other website. Registration is free; if any website asks for money to complete registration it is not the correct site. Applicants should not search the internet for the waitlist and they should not click on ads. The only way to safely register and avoid misleading websites is to type seattlehousing.org/waitlist into an internet browser.


The HCV waitlist lottery hotline phone number is 206-239-1674, which the public can call beginning on February 6 after 8:00 a.m. If they would like to speak with someone about the lottery between now and February 6 there will be a recording telling people to call back once the lottery has opened


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