99+ Shelter Beds to open summer 2017

99+ Shelter Beds coming Summer 2017 to Seattle

I am so happy to pass along this wonderful news about Seattle opening up 100 new beds in Shelters. Not only are these NEW beds [aka spots] that didn’t exists prior to this coming summer 2017.

These are beds that will be open to people who need long term shelter in order to no longer be homeless. As well as providing a shelter that residents are able to bring their personal possessions, animals, and companions to. Which really will make a big difference for those who. Currently or in the past have been kept from a bed due to these type barriers. Not to mention the ability to allow long term residents who need longer amounts of time in a shelter in order to no longer be homeless.

You can read a very well summarized article here. http://wp.me/p2W5zh-1wo

Original source of detailed information can be read at Seattle’s Blog here. http://humaninterests.seattle.gov/2017/04/12/holistic-model-to-provide-a-responsive-solution-for-local-homelessness-crisis/

All this the day after receiving my award letter for a scholarship to attend 2017 Conference To End Homelessness in Washington. You can always find more information about it and the many other things this non profit does on the forefront of ending homelessness. http://wliha.org/conference


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