Energy Assistance Appointment Lines Open

This morning I received Resource Talk’s post regarding Energy Assistance Appointment Lines are open.

You can find a link below to that article. More importantly I want to re-post my own personal post on other Energy Assistance Programs that are Federal and open any time to just about everyone. However understand this option isn’t going to help catch you up on back owed money.

It’s a budgeting for the future in mind type of “move” for your home/family/etc …

Following Hanna Newton’s blog post to Seattle Utilities Discount Program, I felt posting some thing regarding programs and options available for the rest of King County not on Seattle Utilities was necessary.

Starting with options for low-income households Puget Sound Energy (PSE) offers two types of programs. Both of which are all administered by different program organizations in each county. All following the Life Line a Federal government funding standards calculations.

The other option which personally am a participant of is Residential Exchange Program. Which income isnt the bases for this program. The federal government BPA and providing credit for energy is. Thus removing all the technical terms; the federal government provides companies like (PSE, SPU) so much credit to be used for providing reusable energy. Thus costing them less money. By applying and meeting the requirements you than are entitled to using that credit the federal government gives to the company directly on your own bill. Which means your bill is less than what others not enrolled would pay.

To find out more about this program click here



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