Stranger Danger Books

” . . . A mom with children . . .”

– When Lyla Got Lost (and found)

The term “Stranger Danger” just isn’t used it feels quite as much as it was when I was younger. Which as a parentis particularly unsettling. However in our home, it is used. Not to mention probably topic more than other homes, with having a history of domestic violence you can probably imagine why.

All parents go through a ‘how do I get my point across to my child,’ or ‘how do I address a certain topic with my child?’ Have no fear, even in such a technical age when things like YouTube provide videos on just about every single topic you can think of. Children throughout time will always enjoy you reading to them. What better time to “kill two birds with one stone,” than this?

Our top book currently had been When Lyla Got Lost (and found); By Abbie Schiller and Samantha Kurtzman-Counter.

When Lyla Got Lost

The story is simple, Lyla is shopping with her mother in a department store, when she becomes separated from her. In the end is reunited with her mother. However for us this book says, “. . . ask a Mom with children for help.” Which in our home is an epic concern. That is why it is #1 on our list.

On our home bookshelf you will also find Never Talk To StrangersNever Talk To Strangers; By Irma Joyce. This book takes a light hearted approach to the topic. By using wild animals in place of every day people you might encounter. For example a rhinoceros while waiting for the bus. Kids find it funny, and use of bouncy rhymes make it easy for them to follow along. It was first published in 1967, still today it’s relaying of Never Talk To Strangers message is just as important.


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