My Feelings Board Game

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When a child is having a difficult time understanding and expressing emotions and feelings many times behavior will change. More times than not in a negative way. Preteens tend to be drastic changes in school work unless on a very rare occasion the child has a learning disability that hasn’t previously not been addressed. But for the most part in America school aged  children in the 4th grade have been thourly screened for any learning disabilities. 

My feelings a board game, I found Amazon while searching for books to help my child. It’s a fairly simple repetitive game that allows each player to become more self-aware through  “I …,” And sample led questions as the means of movement through the game. 

You’ll need a rather large playing area for this game. Once set up the board and cards require roughly 23″x 33″ area. Followed by an area for players to act out different things in a charades type mannor. The board is a simple snake type path, with no chance of backwards movement. 

Which is what makes this a tool for teaching children through self-awareness. 

Now that it’s a tool and not just game it is a very simple idea that can be very useful. 

Unfortunately, my daughter tending to be older and wiser than her age caught on to why I had asked Grandparents* for help purchasing it. About half way through the game she started making up her responses which were supposed to be real and truthful.  Not a completely made up “FICTIONAL” response.  

Over all I’d give My Feelings a four ⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars. Worth the $29.95.


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