Pot growing to cut costs update

In an earlier post I talked about how we have chosen to grow some vegetables and strawberries in pots to help cut the costs of transportation to and from the grocery store, as well as personally working at budgeting what we receive from the federal government program Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formally EBT.

First unless you are fortunate enough to have a bunch of potting soil and large pots just laying around be advised that initial start up costs are going to dent your pocket. Especially if like us your living extremely low and or below poverty levels already. However the out come I am hoping will make it worth it.

So basically I wanted to share the break down of initial costs I spent and show current photos of how they are doing. Like our peppers. (Which for us a pepper that might only costs $1.25 on the extremely high end, also costs transportation to get it.)

Photos first!

Now I am sadly making this as I am blogging it. Not a typical practice I would suggest.

Large Black Pot $17.99
Large Blue Pot $15.87
2 Large Bags of Miracle Grow Potting Soil $24.86
1 & half Small bags of Miracle Grow Potting Soil $10.00
Miracle Grow Plant Food (2@ $0.87) $1.74
3 Large Strawberry Plants from Lowe’s $10.50
2 Pepper Plants from Lowe’s $5.78
2 Pepper Plants from Lowe’s $6.98
2 Basil Plants from Lowe’s $5.98
2 Wheat Grasses from Albertsons Grocery $3.98**
Rectangular tear cotta colored plastic pot had from previous year.

** I used my SNAP benefits to purchase it. However many places such as Wal-Mart allows purchasing of food plants like tomatoes,herbs and others with your SNAP benefits. As so your not spending money that would otherwise be say be used for housing.



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