My project to share

I felt a soft nudge and this in a quiet voice say Mom it was my daughter, as my eyes opened I realized there was no alarm. “oh my gosh what time was it?”  We were late for sure and on picture day of all the days. 

As both of my feet hit the floor I sprung up to go into action. I took about two steeps and stopped looking around. Where was my child? I couldn’t see her to start barking the morning rig-a-marol of; get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair. Only as I looked around did I hear it! There is no way, do I really hear what I think I do? Yes! 

I so silently snuck out the bed room to the kitchen rolling a cigarette. Don’t forget it’s picture day I barked only for effect as I opened the backdoor.  Picture day or not, she got up and got herself dressed. I am not complaining. There is always picture retake day if it’s absolutely necessary. Her choice for shirt is a bit busy. Heck I’ll take her dressing her self and go to the bathroom herself in the morning any day over some school photo looking perfect. I would tell my child it builds character in a situation like this. 

So thankful to be progress finally again. For those who don’t know, I know my daughter is strong and no one will ever love her more than me. And for that I do not want anyone to think I am just smearing my child’s reputation or talking bad. I appreciate her so much. My hope is that people will be able to learn and take away a new understanding of what children who witnessed domestic violence at a very early age in development between intimate partners are effected for life. And the UPS and downs as well as the struggles with all the blessings a parent who was the victim is dealing with every single day. 

My hope is that if someone is sadly in the same or similar position that the world and the communities they live in are more knowledgeable and hopefully will some day have an action plan to help families in the same position.