HUD and Carson Correction Possible 

The other day I blogged about Carson and Theory of formulas used to figure out housing wasn’t matching economics’s of today’s households. 

That I may have been incorrectly connecting the same name to two different individuals. Both in Housing. However one I spoke of was the Director of something for Pierce County Housing Authority and the other was HUD’s Secretary. I have not meet the ‘african American’ male who is photoed in a recent article in the business section of the Seattle Times. 

I did though meet the Director who works for the Pierce County Housing Authority. So I do sincerely if this has caused any problems. And did not mean to for whatever reason in my brain connect the two as having the same last name. And greatly apologize for making such a mistake if it is one. 

There is a great article in the Seattle Times and due to very limited ability via mobile phone and not laptop or computer, you can read the article below.