Pedialyte Advanced Care Plus

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My daughter has a hereditary disease called Kidney Reflux disease. How ever her left kidney when born 30% of it was damaged. That can’t be fixed and can only get worse. So we live a life taking extra steps and precautions in our normal daily life. With that, our go-to drink is Pedialyte Advanced Care Plus. I recently wrote a product review for Amazon on it. I wanted to share it now;

The Activia® of Electrolyte Drinks

The Activia® of Electrolyte Drinks

on May 8, 2018
Flavor: Berry Frost
!Our households Go To drink for my daughter. With her having a kidney disease when she needs to replenish her fluids quickly and thats easy on her system the entire Pedialyte® Advanced Care+™ line is the best you can get. With the probiotics and electrolytes the Advanced Care+™ line also has the Pre Active-biotics. It’s like the Activia® of drinks.

Pedialyte® Advanced Care+™ drinks are great for anyone after having been on antibiotics, during and after anything digestive related. We use the Berry Frost flavor only when its digestive related with it being the only one that does not have a citrus juice in it. There for making it much easier on the human body to break down and process.