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Reevaluating Self Resources

Good morning. More and more it seems I am thinking back to this absolutely earth shaking for myself classes I took. Thank you Department Of Social and Health Services and Highline Community College. So the class was called; Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By-World. Based from Rubby Panes Bridges To Poverty it takes income classes and… Continue reading Reevaluating Self Resources


Disabilities and finding the good

I am on cloud nine with excitement. The victories we just won this week with Washington state legislators passing to outlaw discrimination of renters source of income and for the passing to remove barriers to housing assistance for people with disabilities and seniors. Closer to home, though I was dealing with another battle as well.… Continue reading Disabilities and finding the good

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Once internet

Once internet will allow and it'll take a bit but hope to write/publish something either an opinion article hopefully to ADVOCATE what witnessing Domestic Violence does in the early months of child development. Beyond the normal years of development because it is major but lays dormant until other stages of development are mastered. #Advocating #Goals

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My Feelings Board Game

* this post provides links to other non affiliated sites. When a child is having a difficult time understanding and expressing emotions and feelings many times behavior will change. More times than not in a negative way. Preteens tend to be drastic changes in school work unless on a very rare occasion the child has… Continue reading My Feelings Board Game