Summer Math War

It seems the older my lil one gets the less and less of ‘cool or fun’ things that I come up with she actually wants to do. So I am always looking for very low cost was of doing this.

(I have to be honest I spend equal amounts of time searching for best price via the web as one would spend earning the money to afford it.)

I take a ‘two birds one stone,’ kind of approach to everything. So a recently I picked up this card game, Math War Addition & Subtraction for the summer, with the working on my child’s math fluency skills as instructed by her teacher at the end of the year*. As well as I wouldn’t be instructing anything we’d be just playing a game.

“As a mid thirties adult for the first time in my life actually enjoyed and was excited about math fluency.”

A thing that she is has really been into lately, games. However what I didn’t expect was to be a mid thirties adult who for the first time actually was enjoying math fluency. I even get excited about it.

The first time we played was with a couple of neighbor kids (a 5th grader & 3rd grader) who also had a fun time playing and didn’t seem to matter that they were doing school work on summer break. Which is always a plus.

For some unknown reason no matter what I try the photo keeps turning on its side. Sorry for the inconvenience

So why I purchased our deck from eBay for around $5. I have provided a link to both eBay and Amazon, which if your a prime member of Amazon it’s free shipping.

* I sat down and with grandparents came up with a plan for my daughter’s education that works with our family history, and most importantly my daughters educational needs and skills. Using her older siblings [I am there paternal mother] education journeys to date as references.