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Free Admission to Seattle Flight Muse

Saturday March 18th Noon – 4:3o


In exchange for free admission to The Museum of Flight (ticket value $7-12) you will help us by capturing video fragments in the ultimate selfie experience as you explore the museum (we provide the cameras!). What better way to save some money and have some creative, hands-on fun?

RSVP now, space is limited! To confirm your reservation you MUST register here:

We will meet you next to the ticket counter at your scheduled visit time. PLEASE NOTE: Free entrance is only available through our ticketing link (above). Walk-in parties will not be eligible for free entrance.

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Dyslexia a new look at it

I wanted to take a moment and share something with everyone. This past month I have just been blown away by my daughters academically growing. Now when we watch TV she runs up all excited and points out the sight words she recognizes. As a person who is dyslexic, I do not remember ever having those same enjoyments when it came to reading. It was such a struggle and still is for me, that it truly astounds me, and bewilders me all at the same time. I absolutely enjoy being a part of it, for me it’s a blessing. Simply because I reading and phonetics are so different for me. To be able to be a part of “normal” phonics and comprehension is truly wonderful and a learning gift all in its own.


As a person who is dyslexic, I cannot begin to tell you how much it opened my eyes. I have a new understanding of dyslexia and all thanks to my wonderful daughter. I am very grateful.


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College Bound Scholarship Program for Washington State

Do you ir someone you know have a 7th or 8th grader?

Do they have a goal of attending college some day?

Looking for an incentive for the future?

Just needing help ensuring you’ll be able to finance your kid or grandchild through college?

If you said yes to any of the above than you need to check out this scholarship. Note that they have got to be signed up before graduating the 8th grade!

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Count & Clip Cards


I have found so many very cute types of these, all over the internet. Unfortunately it takes a lot more looking and research to find ones that meet the two requirements that we had.
1.) Numbers above 10
2.) Free
Now why I found like I said, all kinds. Characters from every big kids movie, to cars, trucks, princesses, butterflys and flowers, etc. How ever most of them all cost money.

So with some time,  I settled on these.


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Counting with Beans & Noodles


Good morning,  another counting thing we have done is these counting with beans and noodles.

I took two large size green construction papers and taped them together. I than made one inch columns going down both pieces of the papers. I than about one and half inches from the bottom up, made a line.


Starting with 1 and wrote a number in each box. Lil and I than sat down with a pile of beans and a pile of uncooked noodles. I would have her count out loud as I had the same amount of glue dots as the number written in the columns. I than would count out loud as she placed either a noodle or bean on the glue dots I had made.