Daughters, What to ask them

As my birth oldest is now 13, this year I can't help but notice the ever growing space between us. All the many things out of my control, I have always and will always cling to the slightest anything with her and her brother. To keep this light and airy I thus stumbled upon this… Continue reading Daughters, What to ask them

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A Teacher Unlike Any Other

Going on our second year in school this holiday season and once again I purchased gifts for my child's teacher(s). Why this is very much not a requirement by no means. I believe with my everything that teachers are an extremely important and valuable. This I sat down to write about a teacher. Infact one… Continue reading A Teacher Unlike Any Other

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Amazing News for Shelter Programs in Seattle

Some absolutely amazing news out of Seattle in regarding programs providing housing and even nightly Shelters, sever weather shelters as well as programs that were scheduled to losses funding come the first of the year. Especially with Winter in full effect here in the Northwest. As I found out this morning, leaving about 4:30'ish it… Continue reading Amazing News for Shelter Programs in Seattle

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My Feelings Board Game

* this post provides links to other non affiliated sites. When a child is having a difficult time understanding and expressing emotions and feelings many times behavior will change. More times than not in a negative way. Preteens tend to be drastic changes in school work unless on a very rare occasion the child has… Continue reading My Feelings Board Game

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New Over Night Shelter in South King County

I can't even believe that I an actually being able to tell you this.... South King County, Auburn City has opened it's doors to an over night shelter for men and women. The newly opened day center in Auburn, Ray Of Hope Resource And Day Center will have a Catholic Community Servicesworker Tuesdays and Thursdays… Continue reading New Over Night Shelter in South King County

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Winter Weather and Alerts

Alert King County provides a public alert system that keeps King County residents informed about potential widespread emergencies in their region—such as severe weather, health risks, major transportation disruptions and terrorist activities. Registration is free and users are able to choose the types of notification alerts they would like to receive. Take Winter by Storm… Continue reading Winter Weather and Alerts